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 Ltd, "Stalmash-Urals" company engaged complex and timely providing the industrial and construction enterprises with metal rolling. During successful work in the supply market the company received the status of the reliable and responsible partner, delivering production which meets all technical standards and state standard specifications.

   Now with the assistance of the Russian scientists and metallurgists, austenitic stainless steel of brand 08H18N6AG10S in which as the main stabilizing austeni-element nitrogen is used is developed and introduced in production.

   Today, application of not magnetic materials in various industries gains more and more dynamic development. Such branches of the domestic industry as oil and gas and the military industrial complex, mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and others, highly appreciated technical capabilities of domestic not magnetic materials: in comparison with import analogs, steel 08H18N6AG10S has more corrosion resistance, and also durability, without loss plasticity.

  Ltd, "Stalmash-Urals" offers some options of delivery: independently to take out from a warehouse, to organize delivery by motor transport to your warehouse, formation of the combined car on metalbase, metal shipment directly from the manufacturing enterprise. Delivery is possible in any point of Russia.




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