Rolled metal supplies, metalworking and equipment repair

TD «SteelMash-Ural» company specializes in providing a range of services for industrial enterprises and organizations:

  • Production of steel forgings on a radial forging machine;
  • Repair of extruder screws;
  • Deliveries of non-magnetic materials , steel 08Х18Н6АГ10С ;
  • Restoration of holes up to Ø 4800 mm;
  • Repair of drying drums;
  • Supplies of rolled metal and pipe products;
  • Production of products according to customer drawings.
Great offer
Leaders in the market of metal rolling and maintenance of metallurgical industries in Russia.
Deliveries to all regions
We work in all regions of Russia . Collaboration with companies in Europe and the USA. Deliveries without delay.
Profitable partnership
Strong partnerships with dozens of enterprises. Maximum degree of trust and individual approach.

StalMash-Ural Trading House - Your reliable partner

Rolled metal

Russian rolled metal at a competitive price

Always available and on order, high-quality rolled metal of the leading metallurgical plants in Russia. Deliveries of pipe and high-quality metal rolling. Also, austenitic stainless steel of the 08Х18Н6АГ10С grade is developed and introduced into production, in which nitrogen is used as the main stabilizing austenite element.

Telephone consultation: 8 (3439) 66-81-89

Steel forgings production

Steelmash-Ural Trading House LLC offers you mutually beneficial cooperation in the manufacture of our production steel forgings on a radial forging machine (RCM). On RCM it is possible to produce round forgings with variable parameters along the length Ømin 100 mm to Ømax 250 mm with a rod length from 1500 to 5000 mm .