Hot rolled coils

Hot rolled coils

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Mills: - 2000, 2500, APR LPC No. 7

General Description:
The inner diameter of the roll from the mills "2000" and "2500" is 850 mm.
The inner diameter of the roll with automatic control unit LPC No. 7 - 750/840 mm.
The edge of the roll from the mills "2000" and "2500" unedged (rolled).
The edge of the roll with АПР ЛПЦ№7 - edged.

Packaging: Mill "2000" - in rolls weighing 9-30 tons (the specific mass of the roll is agreed upon placing an order).
Mill "2500" - in rolls weighing 9-22 tons (specific roll weight agreed upon when placing the order).
APR LPC No. 7 - in rolls weighing up to 15 tons.

Marking: On metal or paper tags.


Price on request

Destination Delivery normative document Size, mm Steel grades
General Purpose GOST 16523 thickness less than 4 mm St0, St1-StZ (CP, PS, SP); 08-20 (kn, ps, cn). 25
GOST 14637 thickness 4 mm or more St0, St2-St5 (all degrees of deoxidation)
General and special purpose GOST 1577 08-20 (CP, PS, SP). 25
GOST 17066 thickness less than 4 mm 09Г2, 09Г2С, 17ГС
For welded, riveted and bolted structures GOST 19281 thickness of 4 mm or more 09Г2, 09Г2С, 17ГС, 17Г1С
For the production of welded pipes TU 14-1-2471 8-14x1000-1800 20
TU 14-1-2660 1.5-7.0x100-1100 08-20 (cp. ps, cn)
TU 14-1-3579 1.5-10x300-1700 St1-StZ (CP, PS, SP), 08-20 (CP, PS. SP)
TU 14-1-4598 6-11x1400-1800 22GU
TU 14-1-5407 5-16x1050-1800 09GSF, 13GS, 13G1S-U, 17G1S, 17G1S-U, 17G1SA, 17G1SA-U, 10GFBY, 10G2FB
TU 14-1-5441 6-16x1050-1800 05G1B
TU 14-101-525 5-10x1010-1720 09GSF
TU 14-106-502 2-14x1250-1700 17GS, 17G1S, 22GU
STO MMK218 10-16x1050-1800 10G2FBU
STO MMK220 6-10x1010-1720 09FSB
STO MMKZZZ 1.5-8.0x39-900 St1-StZ (kp, ps, sp); 08-20 (CP, PS, SP)
TP 14-101-453 10-16x1050-1800 05G1B
TU 14-101-458 8-9x1250 06GFBAA
For further roll TU 14-1-4516 2-8x100-1700 08-20 (kp, ps. sp); 08Yu
For cold stamping car parts TU 14-1-5262 2-6x160-4S0 07GBY
For the production of dynamism steel TP 14-101-330 2-3x1000-1100 0202-0211, 0202P, 0203P
For the production of transformer steel TP 14-101-382 2.2-2.8 4360-1110 0400D-0406D
For the production of relay steel TP 14-101-396 2-4x1000-1250 0200
For cladding TU 14-1-628 2.5-6.0x240-350 11kp, 11YAA
STP 14-101-184 3-8x220-330 18UA
TP 14-101-432 5x280, 320, 360 OZKp-U
For welded, riveted and bolted structures STP 14-101-209 1.8-12.5x1000-1830 8235 (JR, JR02, JO, J204). 8275 (JR, JO, J2G4), 8355 (JR, J0, J2G4, K2G4) no EN 10025
For stamping and drawing STO MMK210 1,5-12,0x900-1830 SPHC, SPHD, SPHECflo (6 mm) no JIS G 3131
For further roll STP 14-101-238 1,5-8,0x900-1830 DD11, DD12, DD13, DD14 no EH 10111
For the production of welded pipes STO MMK242 1,5-12,7x900-1830 A25, A, B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65 no API 5L
For welded, riveted and bolted structures STO MM K 344 1.8-12.5x900-1830 St37-2, RSt37-2. St44-2, St44-3, St52-3 no DIN 17100
For welded, riveted and bolted structures STO MMK350 1.5-12.5x900-1830 SS330, SS400-1, SS400-2 no JIS G 3101; A36-1, A36-2 no ASTM A36 / A36M
General Purpose STO MMK352 SAE1006. SAE 1008, SAE 1009, SAE1010. SAE1012, SAE1015, SAE1017, SAE1019, SAE1020. SAE1021, SAE 1022, 3AE1023, SAE 1020 no ASTM A008 / A008M and ASTM A635 / A635M
For construction purposes STO MMK364 1.5- 4.5x900-1829 4.6- 6.0x900-1219 Or.30. Or.33. Or.36, 0r.40, Or.4o, 0r.50, Or.55 no ASTM A570 / A570M
For the production of welded pipes STO MMK365 1.5-8.0 900-1830 SPHT1, SPHT2, SPHT3 no JIS 0 3132
For further roll STO MMK371 1,5-8,0x900-1830 St22, RRSt23, St24 no DIN 1614
TP 14-101-343 1,5-8.0x750-1829 08U, 08ps, a326, a327
For the manufacture of products by stamping, bending, welding TU 14-101-362 2-10x1219-1685 A569 no ASTM A569 / AS69M
For general and construction purposes TP 14-101-376 4-12x1020-1829 300W by CAN / CSA-G40.21-M92
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