Cold rolled coils

Cold rolled coils

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Mills: - "2500"

General description: Mill "2500" - dimensions 0.6-3.0x500-2300 mm.
Reversible mill - 0.4-3.0x500-1700 mm
Inner roll diameter 610 mm

Packaging: In rolls weighing up to 15 tons.

Labeling: On paper stickers.


Price on request

Destination Delivery normative document Dimensions, mm Steel grades
For cold stamping GOST 9045 all 08kp, 08ps, 08Yu
General Purpose GOST 16523 STO, ST1 - STZ (CP, PS, SP), 08-20 (CP, PS, SP), 25
General and special * about destination GOST 17066 thickness 1.5-2.0 09G2
For the production of welded pipes TP 14-101-442 0.6-2.0x600-1800 08U (with carbon content not more than 0.04%)
For the manufacture of car bodies TU 14-101 -496 0.7-1.5x600-1850 006iF
General purpose, cold stamping and coating STO MMK 179 0.6-3.0x1000-1800 St 12, IJSt13, RRSt13, St 14, St37-2, USt37-2, RRST37-3, St44-3 no DIN 1623
STP 14-101 -205 SPCC, SPCD, SPCE no JIS G 3141
For the production of products by bending, slight drawing, molding and welding STO MMK 212 SAE1006, SAE 1008, SAE 1009, SAE'010, SAE1Q12 according to ASTM A366
For cold stamping STO MMK 224 FeP01, FeP03, FeP04 according to EN 10130
For enameling STO MMK 239 0.6-1.5x240-1400 08 UR
TP 14-101 -321 0.6-1, 5x1000-1400 08ps, 08YuR
General Purpose & Cold Stamping TP 14-101 -390 0.6-2.5x1000-1800 03JUV, 08psB
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