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Mills: 370, 450

General Description: "370" - equal-angle corner dimensions 25x4, 35x4, mm according to GOST 8509.

"450" - corner unequal dimensions 63x40x5; 6 and 8 mm, 75x50x5; 6 and 8 mm, 100x70x8; 10, 110x70x8 according to GOST8510.

"450" - equal-angle corner dimensions 40x3-5, 45x3-5, 50x4-6, 56 4-5, 63x4-6, 70x5-8, 75x5-9, 80x6 -8, 90x6-9, 100x7-14, 110x7-8, 125x8-16 mm according to GOST 8509

Spin 5000 - 12000 mm

Packaging: In bundles weighing up to 8 tons. Locking.

Marking: On metal tags


Price on request

Destination Delivery normative document Size, Hygiene Steel grades
General Purpose GOST 535 all STO, STZ (all degrees of deoxidation)
For welded, riveted and bolted structures GOST 19281 09G2S, 09G2, 09G2D, 09G2SD, 10G2S1, 10HSND, 15HSND
For the manufacture of bridge structures GOST 6713 16D, 10HSND, 1EXHSND
For shipbuilding GOST 5521 (PC) A, (PC) B, (PC) D, (PC) A32, (PC) D32, (PC) A36, (PC) D36
TU 14-101-334
For welded, riveted and bolted structures STO MM K 191 -99 (based on DIN 17100 and EN10025) - TUV certified USt37-2, St37-2, RS137-2, St44-2, St52-3 no DIN 17100; S235 (JR, JRG1, JRG2, JO, J2G4), S275 (JR, JO, J2G4), S355 (JR, JO, J2G4) no EN 10025
For locking joints in pile structures TU 14-101-471 65.5x37x12 STZ, 09G2S, 15HSND
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