Steel Forgings Production

Steel Forgings Production

Telephone consultation: +7 (3439) 66-81-90

Изготовление поковок на радиально-ковочной машине (РКМ)  круглого сечения и валов переменного сечения по ГОСТ 1133-71.

Параметры изготавливаемых поковок:

  • диаметр:   от 90 мм до 250 мм;
  • длина:       от 1500 мм до 5000 мм;
  • материал: жаропрочные, железоникелевые, быстрорежущие стали и др.спецстали (ХН35ВТ, ХН38ВТ, ХН60ВТ, 06ХН28МДТ, Р18, Р6М5, Р9М4К8 и др.).

Price on request

Parameters of initial workpieces for forging at RCM

1. Maximum cross section: square 300x300 mm or circle Ø350 mm.

2. Length ranges from 1000 mm. up to 2500 mm.

3. Maximum weight 2 tons.

4. Material:

  • high speed steels;
  • alloyed stainless steels and alloys corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and heat-resistant steels;
  • carbon steel;
  • alloy steels.

The calculation of the cost of necessary products or services of a technological nature is made individually after receiving an official application and product drawings. Prices are formed depending on the complexity and dimensions of the product, material grade and order volume.

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For more information about order placement, production dates, technical capabilities, prices and delivery conditions, please call +7 (3439) 66-81-90. Or leave a request and we will contact you.