Рrivacy Policy

Тhis document is the "Рrivacy Policy"(hereinafter "Policy") represents the rules of StalMash-Ural (the "Authority") data, Internet users (hereinafter- "User") collected using the site https://stalmash. com/ (the "Site").

1. General provisions

< p>1.1.The User's Use of the site meansacceptance of this privacy Policy and termsprocessing of the User's personal data. In case of disagreementwith the terms of the privacy Policy, the User must stopuse of the site.

1.2. The website administration does not checkthe accuracy of the personal data provided by users of the site.

2. User's personal information processed

< p>2.1. Within the framework of this Policy, under"User's personal information" means:

< p>2.1.1. Personal information that the Userprovides information about yourself when filling out the feedback formor in the process of using the site's services, including personal datauser's.

2.1.2. Data that is automatically transmittedsite services in the process of their use with the help ofsoftware installed on the User's device,including IP address, cookie data; access time to the services,addresses of the requested pages and other similar information.

3. Purpose of collecting user's personal information

< p>3.1. User's Personal data Administrationthe site can be used for & nbsp; purposes:

3.2. Identification of the registered useron the site, for placing an order and (or) concluding a contractremotely.

3.3. Establishing user feedback,including sending notifications and requests related to the use of the site,providing services, processing requests and requests from the user.

3.4. Providing the user with effectivecustomer and technical support in case of problems related towith & nbsp;using the site.

< p>3.5. Providing the user with their consent,product updates, special offers, and pricing information,newsletter and other information on behalf of the site Administration.

3.6. Advertising activitieswith the user's consent.

4. Ways and terms of processing personal information

< p>4.1. The user's personal data is Processedwithout time limit, by any legal means, includingin personal data information systems with the use ofautomation tools or without using such tools.

4.2. The site administration will NOT share any personaldata to third parties, including courier services, postal service organizationscommunication operators, unless otherwise agreed with the User.

4.3. The website administration shall take the necessaryorganizational and technical measures to protect personal informationUser from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction,change, block, copy, distribute, and & nbsp;alsofrom other illegal actions of third parties.

5. Additional conditions

< p>5.1. The site Administration has the right to make changesto this privacy Policy without the User's consent. NewThe privacy policy comes into force from the momentits placement in the Internet at the address: https://stalmash. com/, unless otherwise provided by the new versionprivacy policy.

5.2. Any suggestions or questionsplease inform the Administration about this privacy Policywebsite by email & nbsp;info@stalmash.com

5.3. Updated 31.05.2020